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07/07/09 - We're on our way back...stay tuned!!

10/05/08 - Happy Halloween!! We have added 10 new Halloween Layouts for the season along with about 40 other layouts including Animated, Alcohol for you drinkers out there, some default emo and rockstar layouts! Enjoy! See you soon!

8/25/08 - We're baaacckkk!! Hot Myspace Layouts at their absolute finest. Sure we've been adding things all along but we haven't updated the update section is like 7 months which is just crazy! Hey good news I just added 17 band layouts got a few more on the way and we are about to get a huge make over to the site so add your bookmarks and be prepared because the 3rd and 4th quarter of this year is going to be nuts at wzrm.com!!!

1/30/08 - In support of the Superbowl I have added 2 Hot layouts both are Animated. One for the UNDEFEATED New England Patriots and one for the New York Giants. Enjoy and be safe come game day!

1/26/08 - We've gathered 66 Hot Default Layouts for everyone. Want a design thats cool but still a little plain? Check those out! comments!

1/12/08 - Just added a dozen more celebrity layouts. Gettin ready for the NFL Playoffs tonight! Woo! :) Thanks everyone for the support we are gearing up a huge update for our 1 year anniversary so stay tuned!

1/07/08 - We have some new celebrity layouts. We also went and got a Barack Obama myspace layout by popular demand hope you guys use and enjoy it. See you guys tomorrow

1/02/08 - Happy New Year everyone!! What a blast its been we're steadily approaching our 1 year mark here at WZRM your spot for hot myspace layouts and we'll continue to deliver. We just added 16 hot girl layouts as well as a 'Gangsters' category with some notoriously bad people :-) . Enjoy tons more layouts are on the way as promised!

12/30/07 - Just gathered a few TV Show layouts and NFL Myspace Layouts for you guys. Speaking of the NFL I'd like to say Congratulations to the 16-0 New England Patriots. Love em or hate em, they are one of the greatest teams to play the game. See you guys tomorrow. Don't forget to leave me some comments so I know what you like / don't like for layouts!

12/29/07 - We've added some Misc and Movie Myspace layouts to our collection for your enjoyment! Hope you guys are all doing great. See you tomorrow!

12/28/07 - Hope everyone had a great Christmas / Holiday Season. We've just added some hot layouts for the fellas. Some Video game and Professional Wrestling layouts should compliment your profile. We've got updates almost everyday for the next 2-3 weeks so stay tuned for some crazy hot myspace layouts!!

12/18/07 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! We just added some awesome glitters to the site and we are in the process of adding over 100 brand new myspace layouts to the mix as well, I'll let you guys know when that happens but it will be today/tonight! In the meantime you need to check out vWTF.Com - just go here - Music Myspace Layouts they have a ton of new layouts up for you guys to use in the meantime!! Merry Christmas everyone!

09/05/07 - Added 60 new layouts. We've added some great animated layouts for everyone to choose from including some new Girly designs, Proud Parent Myspace Layouts, lyrics, quotes, and a ton of other ones.

08/08/07 - Added Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls Hot Myspace layout. This is in our animated style featuring the lyrics of the song and more.

7/30/07 - Two new layouts added: Plies - My Shawty animated layout and Yung Berg - Sexy Lady animated layout. These are hot layouts and are exclusive to WZRM.Com

7/28/07 - I have just finished adding over 350 New Glitters to our glitter collection. I also have another 200 on the way which will be added around August 1st. We're also working on some new layouts to be released soon featuring some requested designs plus Plies, Young Berg, Lil Mama and a bunch of others.

6/23/07 - We've added a new comments section to the site, now at the bottom of each layouts "code" page, you can comment about the layout and let us know what you think about it. We've also enhanced our preview page so that it will load a little quicker for you guys. Anyone have any ideas on some colors for the site? Hit us up!

6/22/07 - Look at our newest Hot Myspace Layouts, we just added a Rhianna animated layout, Fergie - Big Girls dont cry animated layout, Kelly Clarkson - Never again animated layout, Avril Lavigne Keep holdin on animated layout and Our most requested exclusive Shop Boyz - Party Like a Rock Star Animated Hot Myspace Layout!


Happy Halloween

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1447

Downloaded: 1766 times

Witch in the Day Halloween

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1346

Downloaded: 1832 times

Trick or Treat Halloween

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1381

Downloaded: 1683 times

Orange Halloween

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1300

Downloaded: 1809 times

Witch in the Night Halloween

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1306

Downloaded: 1568 times

Witches Halloween

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1277

Downloaded: 1908 times

Pumpkins and Spiders Halloween

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1325

Downloaded: 1896 times

Cats and Bats Halloween

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1283

Downloaded: 1581 times

Cats Bats and Ghosts Halloween

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1467

Downloaded: 1753 times

Bats Halloween

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1407

Downloaded: 1951 times

Rockstar 2

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1389

Downloaded: 2155 times

Yellow love

Added on October 5, 2008

Views: 1607

Downloaded: 1832 times